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EdgeTech 2205 AUV ROV Sonar

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  • EdgeTech 2205 AUV ROV Sonar
EdgeTech 2205 AUV ROV Sonar

The EdgeTech 2205 AUV ROV Sonar are compact, extremely flexible and configurable sonar system for integration on 3rd party underwater vehicles. They are specially designed for installation and use on Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, Remotely Operated Vehicles, Unmanned Surface Vehicles, and other hosted platforms.

This modular unit can be configured, based on the customers application, to collect side scan sonar imagery, sub bottom profiles and bathymetric data, singly or in concert with one another. Careful attention has been paid to size, weight and power consumption. While EdgeTech supplies its own Discover software on a laptop or rack mount PC, it is also possible to interface other 3rd Party Topsides. Subsea units can be depth rated to 6000 meters or designed for lighter and shallower operations.

Key Features

Side Scan Frequencies from 75 kHz to 1600 kHz.

Sub bottom Frequencies from 500Hz to 24 kHz.

Bathymetry capabilities with full swath coverage and no nadir gap.

Simultaneous Dual Frequency operations.

NEW Tri-Frequency option: 230 kHz, 540 kHz and 1600 kHz.

Single or dual frequency Dynamically Focused Arrays.

Multi Pulse operation, On line self test and status reporting.

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