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Guildline 8410A Salinometer

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  • Guildline 8410A Salinometer
Guildline 8410A Salinometer

Guildline 8410A Portasal™ Salinometer is a truly portable, high precision instrument from the world leader in salinometers. This all new instrument will deliver salinity calculations onboard ship with laboratory level accuracy. This portable salinometer measures accurate conductivity ratios and displays calculated salinity directly as well as measured parameters.

Oceanographers require reliable shipboard salinometers to augment the sophisticated CTD’s now available; the Guildline 8410A Portasal™ Salinometer is the perfect solution. The enhanced computer interface capability of the Guildline 8410A, its ease of set-up and operation: Guildline’s reputation for quality will ensure confidence in the integrity of your onboard salinity measurements.

Key Features

Completely portable yet offers laboratory level accuracy.

Rugged, compact enclosure.

Requires only 100 ml sample volume.

Easy to set up and operate.

Microprocessor controlled for rapid  sample time.

Direct calculation of salinity.

RS232C and IEEE 488 Interfaces.

Expanded temperature range of 150C to 380C.

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