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Sonardyne iWAND Hand Held Tester

  • Sonardyne iWAND Hand Held Tester
Sonardyne iWand

The iWAND 6G is a hand held acoustic transponder test and configuration device developed for use with Sonardyne’s 6G product range. Being small, rugged and splash proof means the iWAND 6G is ideal for setting up equipment in the workshop, on the back deck of a ship, or on ROVs and subsea structures before they are deployed. The simple to use interface and sunlight readable display makes it easy to test, gather and download configurations.

The iWAND is used in conjunction with the 6G configuration software running on a standard PC. It enables all 6G (excluding WSM6, which can only be acoustically tested) transponders to be easily configured. The configuration of the various transponders can then be exported to a document as an audit trail, or to a file that can be imported into Sonardyne positioning system navigation software. The iWAND 6G has various PC connection options; Bluetooth, USB or Serial. The USB is used to recharge the internal battery. The internal GPS receiver provides UTC time tagging of communication to transponders and PC and can also be used to synchronise multiple  transponders to UTC for logging applications. 

Key Features

Splash-proof and rugged, handheld battery powered highly portable design.

Multi-band operation; LMF, MF and HMF, sunlight readable display.

Automatically discovers the acoustic address of the instrument, GPS time synchronisation.

Back deck testing of sensors, acoustic levels, release mechanism, battery pack capacity, simple transponder configuration based on the application, water depth and baseline range.

GPS time synchronisation.

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