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CARIS Hydrographic Production Database

  • CARIS Hydrographic Production Database
Teledyne CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD)

Implement a seamless database solution and eliminate data redundancy with CARIS Hydrographic Production Database. Using Oracle data processing, Hydrographic Production Database offers an integrated suite of products that can manage all data in a seamless database, providing for simultaneous data processing and workflow by multiple users. Efficiency is maximized for data storage with features being stored only once with the ability to create multiple representations for different products. One Feature One Time.

The Hydrographic Production Database suite of products provides efficiency in maintaining source data and the production of multiple marine products from a single database. A new 64-bit version of Hydrographic Production Database is available along with the standard 32-bit version. The 64-bit version results in better processing capabilities, especially for large datasets and raster charts.

Implement the Hydrographic Production Database suite of products for production of S-57 ENCs and IENCs, S-57 AMLs, Paper Charts to IHO standards, or the creation and maintenance of non-chart Nautical Publications and Generic Products based on user defined sets of features.The Hydrographic Production Database Product Editor derives its products from the source data in the same database. Updates to source are carried automatically to multiple products. Product specific features and customisations can be made without affecting the source features.

Key Features

Manage complex marine spatial information, eliminate data redundancy, improve productivity and extend the use of your data holdings with CARIS’ flagship enterprise GIS solution. Hydrographic Production Database addresses the data management and cartographic production requirements of the world’s largest and most advanced hydrographic agencies.

Efficiency is maximised in Hydrographic Production Database with features being stored only once; this coupled with the ability to associate multiple cartographic representations for different product types has positioned Hydrographic Production Database as the number one solution.

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