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Unique Group’s Unmanned Surface Vessels from DriX 

At Unique Group, we are committed to providing our customers with enduring, fast, and safe sea-proven unmanned surface vessels, DriX from iXblue. It shows outstanding seakeeping capabilities and can be used for a wide array of applications, including coastal and harbor monitoring, hydrographic survey, seabed automatic classification, seabed mapping, and more. The DriX can also be used for AUV tracking configured with USBL positioning systems and box-in of seabed transponder arrays.

DriX from iXblue has composite construction methods and a Kevlar-reinforced structure with a molding process. It has a perfected shaping process with timely construction and change of payloads. DriX has data broadcasting and retrieval with replenishment at sea simplified. With a design optimized for both offshore and coastal missions, DriX has a highly efficient hull shape. The USV has an unmanned architecture offering an extended working domain, and it welcomes third-party equipment. In addition, DriX also has a low weight and narrow beam to reduce the environmental footprint on the work deck.

  • Energy efficiency: DriX can reduce fuel consumption and ECO mode. With a hybrid propulsion technology, DriX significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, making it an environmentally responsible choice for surveying operations.
  • Industry-wide applications: Our unmanned surface vessels can be used for ultra-deep tow fish tracking and ROV tracking for touch-down monitoring for pipe and cable laying.
  • Improved safety: DriX offers enhanced safety during survey operations, particularly in hazardous or challenging environments.

With high-performance capabilities, reduced environmental impact, and more durability, Unique Group offers unmanned surface vessels to our customers the best in the industry. At Unique Group, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and sustainable solutions that meet their operational needs while minimizing environmental impact. Our range of green pin products, including DriX, enables our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while improving operational efficiency and safety.

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